The Largest Purpose Built Festival Grounds in the USA

A New Way to come together!

Its a whole new day when it comes to out door festivals.

Gone are the days of the long blue line of Port-A-Johns we are building Air Conditioned real restrooms. Walking in Mud NO WAY you will find Soft Astor Turf under your feet. Food and Beverage is a new experience with Food Courts that are in buildings (Yes we will have a few tents for extra vendors) 

Safety is on everyone's mind in today's world so we are taking security to the highest level without being intrusive No weapons will be allowed on site (Only clear bags will be allowed on the grounds) sorry no coolers that kind of thing for EVERYONE'S SAFETY.

So this sounds like all the rest you say! Oh not so fast as we have a few new tricks that we think your gonna love. Like moving shade covering to keep the direct sun off of you and a new type of air cooling system that lets everyone keep their cool. New State of the Art Sound and Video Systems and that's just the beginning. 

This is just a basic pass now if you are a VIP your experience will be beyond anything you have ever imagined with air conditioned boxes and ring side seating with a whole host of extras. 

So News Flash The Next generation of Festival Grounds is now on the drawing boards with construction starting soon!