A New Day and the Work Continues!

A Letter From Danny R. Rogers our company CEO

First of all thank you for taking the time to visit our web page.

As we work to bring our first project on line Tikiland we are going through a lot of ideas as well as design changes.

This is to be expected and you may see some things change as we move along the road to starting construction on this project.

In some cases the equipment we want may not be right for this area requiring deeper supports or not safe in high wind load areas. Please understand that not every amusement ride is safe to have this close to the shore line and your safety is and will remain job one with us!

The idea is for Tikiland Funplex to be a one stop playground for the entire family at the most reasonable cost we can manage. In short you should not need to take out a loan just to have a little fun!  Please Note: Tikiland Funplex now has a web page up and running at http://tikilandfunplex.com or use the link below.

With this smaller project now well underway this web site will once again return to information about our larger project "Dreamlanding" and we have now moved most of the information regarding "Tikiland" to its own website.

So stay tuned for updates!  

Have a Blessed Day!


Danny R Rogers



Use this link to go to TIKILAND Web Page


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