The New Park Site is over 1100 Acres


    The New Site is inland with good elevation so flooding is no longer a danger with procations being built in to the design to reduce the effects of any Hurricane that should hit the area.


    This park will have all new design ideas and be designed by the leading designers within the Amusement Park Industry.


    Millennials are looking for the latest and greatest in Entertainment and State of the Art Adventure Rides. We are following the same path as other Major Parks in presenting All New Adventures for the whole family to enjoy.


    Mississippi is the Birthplace of America's Music and we think that our Festival grounds will help bring this point home to Thousands of Music Admires from all around the world. 


    It is very hard to walk away from all the time and efforts we have put into New Orleans but in truth the old Jazzland /Six Flags park has now reached a point of no return. On our last inspection and after further review we find that the Rides that were savable as well as the majority of building are no longer economically viable to salvage. While other considerations where also used a few that Doomed this site where the fact that :

    1.  It is sinking. This is according to a NASA Report

    2. The crime rate has also hit our company with the Death of a Security Guard at another project site (we own and control) in the East. The absolute failure of the city to clean up the on going lawlessness in the area has also made us rethink making this large of an investment in New Orleans (East). 

    3. The new laws regarding stormwater management that were not in place when the park was built that will impact the rebuild cost by millions of dollars in upgrades.

    4. The absurd cost of utilities like water and power along with the uncertain reliability of the power grid now that the power plant in the area is once again on hold.  

    5. The City Government can not and will not make up its mind and has cost our company Hundreds  of Thousands of Dollars. The unrealistic Ideas combined with the draconian requirements are laughable at best and border on obstruction to any would be business that would even consider Investing in the east The idea that somehow the city knows best is best demonstrated by the absolute devastation to what was once a recoverable property. To say that we have had our fill of this mismanaged city would be an understatement.

    For the above reasons and for far more that are not expressed here we are no longer interested in New Orleans. 

    We wish all the best to the good people of New Orleans and the entire State of Louisiana. 

    FUN FOR ALL IN 2020

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